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All of us must have faced the ravaged condition of pimples at least once during our teen years and youth. This condition of grave pimples, rashes, and allied issues is called acne. Acne is the medical condition when the hair follicles get blocked with dirt, oil, and dead cells. This results in a chronic skin condition that is inflammatory in nature causing spots on face and neck at the affected area. Acne can range from a small pimple to the grave condition of cyst and nodules. Acne usually hits a person during his/ her adolescence.

acne ptreatment package

The glands under the skin called sebaceous glands produce a secretion called sebum. This sebum when secreted carries the dead cells to the surface of the skin through the follicles. Pimples appear on the skin when these follicles get blocked. Acne has become one of the greatest problems of people today affecting their skin structure, its beauty and even affecting their psychological temper.

If acne has been one of your problems, you can easily relate to it. But not to fret, when Fayth clinic is here. The treatments for acne are based on the degree of persistence and severity of the acne. For mild acne cases, over- the- counter medications can find the solution. Yes, many home remedies exist for the acne. They include warm wash, neem extract application etc. While the range of the acne increases, regular checkup, and professional consultation becomes more important. We, at the Fayth Clinic, provides you, the best ” Acne Package” suiting your needs, wants and interests.

acne treatment package

The treatment for acne depends on the severity of the acne chronologically. Not only the acne, but the scars left behind by it also needs to be treated. If acne has been putting down your confidence, why wait for more? Log onto our website and get yourselves registered for the “Acne package” today itself.

We care to provide you the best experience in helping yourselves, to excel to the best!

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