Cardiac Health Packages For Just 6110/-

The heart is the most crucial organ in our body, it continuously pumps blood and nutrition through out the body, So Once your heart stops beating, you are dead. So it is very crucial to take regular cardiac health check up. Many of us are not aware of risk factors for heart disease often there are are no early symptoms of cardiac diseases. The heart may also get affected by our unbalanced diet and life styles. Which causes workload to heart and lead to improper function The regular cardiac checkup will help you identify the risk factors at an early stage and take the necessary treatments to prevent more complicated conditions. Factors affecting strokes in the heart are hereditary, blood pressure, cholesterol, lifestyles, medicine, improper food habits, and much more.

cardiac health checkup

Fayth clinic provides the best doctors for analyzing your heart and advice on heart diseases. Avail Fayth Clinic special discounts and assure a healthy heart. Fayth clinic Provide complete Cardiac Health Check Up @ just 6110/-


The Cardiac Packages of Fayth Clinic Includes

  • Consultation: Physician ( Cardiologist )
  • Analysis of Risk Factors
  • Dietitian
  • Review of Risk Factors Lab Test: ESR Urine (R), Stool, Complete Haemogram
  • Test for Diabetes: Blood Sugar – Fasting
  • Post Postprandial Test for Kidney Function
  • Test for Cholesterol & Lipids: Total Cholesterol, HDL – C, LDL – C, Triglycerides
  • Ratio Test for Liver Function: Bilirubin, Direct, Indirect, SGOT, SGPT, ALK Phosphatase
  • S Proteins Test for Cardiac Evaluation: ECG, 2D ECHO, Stress Test, Chest X ray
  • Pulmonary Function test Suggested Modification, Identifying High-Risk Individuals
  • Approach to Holistic Lifestyle

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