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Haven’t you always wondered how celebrities gain and lose weight to suit their roles and still manage to look heathy, that too in a matter of few weeks? They do that with the help of a qualified fitness trainer and an expertly crafted diet and exercise regimen.

Diet Protocol

A fitness trainer is not a feasible option for many of us, what with the extra strain it can cause your pocket and the availability of a qualified one who is accessible. But not anymore! The diet and exercise protocol introduced by Fayth Clinic recently, provides you just that. A fitness companion to teach you the ropes of weight loss regimen.

Introduced with the aim to assist people to achieve physical fitness, in simpler, accessible and cost effective way, the diet and exercise protocol acts as a virtual fitness trainer providing you a daily plan to achieve your fitness target. The diet and exercise plan is constructed based on your current BMI (Body Mass Index) and eating habits.

Exercise Protocols from Fayth Clinic

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set the standards of normal weight to be within the BMI limit of 18.5 and 24.9. Any count beyond this limit is considered unhealthy. Obesity, which is marked with a BMI above 30 is a major contributor to a number of lifestyle and life threatening diseases that are becoming common today.

We at Fayth Clinic are well aware of the demands, busy schedules and stress of your life. The diet and exercise protocol package offered by us are designed to work around your schedules. They are available online and are easily accessible to suit your needs. The package outlines a series of diet plans dealing with the nutrient and calorie intake that is required for you.

The exercise plans in the protocol are designed to include the necessary dose of physical activity, that is required for physical fitness, not only for weight management but for the overall wellness of your body and mind, to survive in this competitive world. The diet and exercise protocol package is now available online at a discount rate of Rs 3150, way less than what the gym can cost you!

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