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Obesity Treatment Center Mumbai

Let us look into Obesity

Obesity is simply defined as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat, it may affect their physical well being.According to World Health organization any individuals with, body mass index

23 is overweight and 25 is obesity. Obesity increases the chances of various diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis etc.

Health implications of being underweight

A calorie intake that is lesser than what is utilized by the body can result in you being underweight. It can leave you feeling tired, being constantly susceptible to illnesses and with issues such as hair thinning and dental problems. Some of the health risks include: –

  • Deficiency diseases, malnutrition, anemia
  • Immune system irregularities
  • Prone to osteoporosis
  • Developmental and growth issues
  • Infertility and so on
  • Health implications of being overweight

Overweight and obesity is often one of the main culprits of lifestyle diseases today. It occurs when your calorie intake is often much higher than what you spend. Some of the health risks of being overweight include higher risk of: –

  • Stroke
  • Liver diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Osteoarthritis



Weight management begins and ends in a good lifestyle of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. So why wait? Start healthy for a happy tomorrow.

Fayth Clinic, Mumbai provides best plans for healthy eating and regular exercise. The doctors at Fayth clinic help to defeat Obesity at affordable rates.


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