One of the most slow-paced, peaceful, settled phases of life is the geriatric stage. It is also the stage when one gets exposed to a large number of ailments rather than any other age group. So it is important for them to have an efficient health check-up to spot and cure grave health problems which are common among senior citizens.

The most important and serious health issue raised by the senior citizens are the cardiac issues which may either be due to the failure in the physiology of the heart or the associated circulatory system. Along with it, the malnutrition and the natural aging process cause the deficiency of Calcium D3, estrogen (in females) which leads to fragility of the bones, osteoporosis, etc.

Falls, due to loss of balance is also a great concern. Along with this, as people get aged, the skin cells get deteriorated, especially the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. This causes the skin to be drier thus initiating many dermatological issues like itching, easy bruising, thinning of skin etc. No, the issues are not over yet. The gastrointestinal tract gets affected during old age resulting in indigestion, acidity, and irregular bowel movements. Another big concern is the loneliness one might have to suffer during his/ her old age. The loneliness may result in depression and related psychological setbacks.

In order to rule out these chances of severe health issues in old age, Fayth clinic advises each senior citizen to take a regular health check-up especially charted for them. We do conduct a thorough checkup distinguished for males and females, containing the basic blood routines, heart check-up, scans, Thyroid Function Tests etc.

Fayth Clinic with its efficient core team mastered with the skills of patient- care and efficient treatment facilities encourages and inspires each and every senior citizen to undergo regular check-ups and provides the best platform for the same. With Fayth clinic, we help each senior citizen to preserve the best of their health to enjoy the rest of their long glorious years.

Your health is your wealth, at all stages. Let not your age break your wings!

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