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Diagnosis Packages for Hair Loss RS. 6345/-

Are you healthy ? Perhaps Yes.. Hair Loss among all young teens drive them bizarre. Hair loss can occur due to some diseases such as anaemia, or other diseases are a point of consideration. Hence lets run through the facts of hair loss by diseases. Hair loss affected by ringworms can cause the following states :
Ringworms cause infections within the skin shaft. This causes the hair to be fragile and break at the scalp. Patches of hair loss are a possible symptom.Gray patch ringworms causes lesions. These are small red bumps around the shaft. The lesions then grow, resulting in red, scaly lesions but are not inflamed.
Fungus causing hair loss are also a major concern.
Iron Deficiency in the body could also lead to loss of hair.

Diagnostics Test Include :CBC, FBS, T3,T4,TSH, vit D3, B12 , DHEAS , S Testosterone level