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Remember it is not only you growing adult but your parents are also growing old.Yes! It’s time to take care of your parents like they take care of you when you are a child. It is a common fact that disease affects people when people get old. At this stage of life, it is necessary to undergo regular Health Check ups to prevent the attack of diseases.


There are many hospitals or health clinics offering different types of health check-up packages for senior citizens. But it is difficult to say , all the hospitals include complete test list in their package. So it is up to you to decide the right package for your parents or grandparents. In order to select the right health package, first, you should have some knowledge about common diseases that may attack during old age. Usually, at this stage, there will be chances to get affected by diseases related to heart, lungs, kidney, liver etc. So it is necessary to keep a check on all these body parts by conducting suitable tests frequently.These are some basic tests which must be in health check up list for adults like,

  • Complete Lipid profile which includes LDL and HDL cholesterol ratios.
  • TSH
  • Haemogram tests which include RBC & WBC count, platelet count, MCH, ESR, hemoglobin percentage and much more.
  • Liver function tests monitoring total protein levels, SGPT, GGTP etc.
  • Biochemical parameter tests which include fasting sugar test, creatinine test, uric acid test, HBA1C test and blood sugar test.

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Along with these tests, there are some general tests which should be done frequently like ECG, pap smear, clinical examination, complete urine analysis test, stool test, x-ray for chest part, dental test etc. All these tests should be included in health check-up package. Though there are many reputed hospitals offering complete package including all the above-listed tests, some hospitals are offering only major tests listed above. So before choosing a health check up for senior citizens, make sure that all the above-listed tests are there in their health check-up package or not. By encouraging adults for a regular health check up, you can detect the diseases on time and can cure them at the initial stage itself. Moreover, you can prevent the upcoming diseases by detecting symptoms of the disease prior to its occurrence. Many clinics provides senior citizen health check up booking facility online.Fayth Clinic is one of the best options among them offering complete health check up for adults. So what are you waiting for? Just browse online and book your appointment. Fayth Clinic offers complete Health Checkup for Senior Citizens in Mumbai.


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