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Common Disease Medication Health Check up

Medical emergencies may happen at any places without any demarcation. In such cases, it is always safer to take the patient to the medical facility as soon as possible.Certain common diseases as well as household accidents  that occur, can turn out to be hazardous. The Online Fayth Clinic is trying to educate the people, the dangers of self medication and treatment.

Abdominal pain:this is one of such common medical emergency which may turn out to be hazardous at times. Various reasons may cause abdominal pain. Gall stones, food allergies,  stomach virus, food poisoning, ulcers, hernia, appendicitis, kidney stones, Crohn’s disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, ruptured ovarian cyst, endometriosis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, urinary tract infection and gas are some of the common reasons for the abdominal pain. It is necessary to shift the patient to the hospital at the earliest and find out the cause of the abdominal pain and start treatment early.

Fever :this is a common illness. In most cases, this will be self-treated at home itself. This is serious as fever may be the presenting symptom of  meningitis, jaundice, chicken pox, etc. A fever may occur as a symptom of heat exhaustion, heart attack, stroke, malignant tumor, a bacterial or viral infection, various kinds of inflammatory diseases, HIV, influenza, malaria, hyperthyroidism, lupus, gout, metabolic disorders and using certain medicines. In the hospital, the ailing person can be investigated before treatment and in the case of emergency, he or she can be given medical emergency aid by the medical professionals.  At home, if given medical emergencies on illusion, it will worsen the condition of the sick.  

Health Check up and Common Disease

Diabetic emergencies :In patients with uncontrolled diabetes, the sugar level may go very high or get down very low. In both the cases, the patient may suddenly become  unconscious  and may also have convulsions or fits. Stroke or heart failure due to diabetes may occur. In these situations, it is safe to approach the hospital instead of remaining at home and doing self diagnosis and treatment.  

Fainting :fainting is the common symptom of many serious diseases. Some of them are low blood pressure, low and high diabetic condition, vertigo, anemia, dehydration, premature ventricular contraction, arrhythmias, aortic stenosis, heart attack, mitral valve prolapse, stroke, balance disorders, disordered middle ear, pulmonary hypertension, heart valve disorders, sudden cardiac arrest, cardiomyopathy, and many other causes which  remained unnoticed.  

Certain household accidents like cutting hands while chopping vegetables, slipping and falling in the washroom or house, sudden backache while lifting household articles, burns while cooking or burns with hot water, sudden electric shocks while inserting plugs into the sockets may lead to severe problem. In such situation, it is necessary to take medical opinion and treatment rather than trying to self medicate at home.

Kids : any fever, loose motions, vomiting, rashes, cold and cough lasting for more tan 7 days, loss of appetite lasting for more than 3 days warrants medical attention as they may be presenting symptoms of any other illness, which may be missed, if not treated in time .Complication with the kids are to be dealt with the hospital because they cannot express the sufferings or their condition clearly or sometimes they cannot communicate anything. 


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