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Ensuring Health With Fayth Clinic's Women Check-up Packages

Health is our most valued wealth. In our fast-paced life, while ensuring that the needs of all your loved ones are met, as a woman you tend to overlook yourself and your own health.
Do you feel tired, exhausted and listless at the end of the day? Do you suffer from pain in your legs and heels when you get up from bed in the morning ? Do you get angry and irritable for small reasons and then feel guilty for getting angry ?
Well ... You are not the only one! Research has shown that 44% of women suffer from actual physical ailments in the younger age group( 18-44 yrs ) and almost 83% suffer in the mid and older age group. Inaddition, an unstable job market further raises the stress level. Women are working double time to increase their income and this mentality blurs the line between personal and professional time leading to physical and mental breakdown..

Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

Many of these may also be pointers towards a serious illness and if not acknowledged, investigated and treated in time may lead to life threatening illness. This not only increases the financial burden on the family, but also leads the home front to a static situation, since woman of the house forms the crux of the family. High Blood pressure, early onset diabetes, vit D deficiency, gynec problems, early cervical spondylitis, chronic fatigue syndrome etc are some of the diseases which can be picked up early.

That is not to be. Women's health is utmost for a happy family. So, to all women out there, make health check-up a routine, not just for you but for the happiness of your family.

So, if you are feeling tired, exhausted, have severe bodyache, pain in legs and heels, have chronic headache or are just feeling blue ... its time to get yourself a complete body checkup
We at Fayth Clinic, caters to your needs with highly accurate test procedures, well within the bounds, to suit your pocket! Get checked up regularly to save yourself from unnecessary stress and fear.

Women package test factors at Fayth Clinic

  • Test for diabetes
  • Test for Kidney function
  • Test for cholesterol and lipid profile
  • Test for liver function
  • Cardiac evaluation tests
  • Test to diagnose uterine cancer like pap smear test

This pretty much covers everything you would need to know regarding your health. With women's package from Fayth, you can get them all done at once without much ado

So, Its time you looked after yourself better ... You deserve it !!
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