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Our heart is the core for keeping us healthy. It pumps life throughout the body. What makes it so significant? This question needs to be answered. The heart is the key organ in our circulatory system. It is this organ circulating the blood all over the body, making it energetic alive and vibrant. This organ supplies oxygen over the body. As the heart is a muscle,

we should condition it regularly to maintain its quality in services rendered. When the heart is properly maintained and well cared, it will cope with all the demands of the body.

Once upset, the heart will put your body’s health upside down. Heart health may affect heartmusculature which finally affects the pumping of the heart. The heart valves get thickened and do not function properly, leading to mixing of the blood and finally the  blood vessels supplying the heart. If these blood vessels are narrowed and thickened, it may lead to increase in blood pressure and may put a strain on the heart. If these blood vessels get blocked, it may lead to loss of blood supply to a portion of the heart resulting in heart attack.

Many matters affect heart adversely: they are-

Fever may affect the heart valves leading to valvular problems lifelong. Fever may also lead to dilatation of the heart, which then cannot pump blood properly. Fever may also cause collection of fluid around the heart,leading to pericardial effusion

Gum disease

Periodontal disease

Gingivitis and plaque

Oral health is another cause of heart disease

Other kidney diseases causing the kidney not to function normally may ultimately result in heart disease

High blood pressure

Uncontrolled diabetes

Poor lifestyle, with no exercise and having

frequent junk food

When you feel tired or experience any of the symptoms mentioned below it’s always advisable to have an appointment with an expert cardiologist of the Fayth clinic.
The symptoms that may be present are :

Throat or Jaw Pain

Getting exhausted easily

Chest Discomfort


Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

Swelling of  leg, ankle and feet

Nausea and indigestion

Irregular heart beats

Pain spreading to arms


Lightheaded and dizzy feeling

Feeling of uneasiness, anxiety


If looking for expertise in cardiology department, don’t hesitate to attend Fayth Clinic, having a specialized cardiology segment and a team of proficient cardiologists.

Our mission of maintaining a healthy doctor-patient relation is the first step of treatment, relaxing the patients. Cardiology, in our clinic is provided with special consideration to help the patients, with chronic heart disease at affordable rates. We are updated in all fields of the heart treatment. It is this value which put out accurate results in all the technical as well as the manual activities performed on this platform.  The treatments  done in our clinic have an outstanding cast in their quality. We treat the patients and help them lead a healthy life even after having a heart problem.

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