Adult Vaccine Boosters
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Vaccination is taken not only for children, but also for adults. Getting vaccinated prevent the individual from the serious infectious diseases when they are exposed to it. If you are with a weak immune system or with a poor health condition, the person will be at the risk of the disease. Taking vaccination will prevent the disease from becoming contagious.By vaccinating yourself against a particular disease, not only do you protect yourself, but also the near and dear ones as you will no longer be a carrier to transmit that particular disease.

The different types of vaccination that are taken in adults are:

Flu :this vaccination protects the adults from the disease flu. It has to be taken every year. The season of flu is January and February. Take it every year and protect yourself from the flu.

Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus : Tdap vaccination taken protects the individual for a period of 10 years

Adult Vaccination Mumbai

Pneumonia : This vaccination is a must for the smokers, diabetic patients, asthma patients and persons with heart disease. You need to take a booster after 5 years..

HPV : taking this vaccination protects a person from human papillomaviruses causing anal cancers, genital warts,cervical cancer, penile cancers. The vaccination is to be taken in three doses in a series.

Measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) : this vaccination is to be taken by the adults even if they have received this vaccine as a child . This vaccine creates circulating antibodies in the blood and if the woman is pregnant, it protects the unborn baby (fetus) against those diseases which cause birth defects like heart problems, vision problems, microcephy (small head ), mental retardation in the baby.

Typhoid vaccine is taken to protect against typhoid which is caused caused through food and water from a carrier who sheds the virus . Typhoid is a very common disease and can be prevented by taking the vaccine once every 3 years.

Both Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B virus infects the liver, causing cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. Life threatening conditions are caused by hepatitis A and B viruses. In order for ensuring protection from these viruses and hazardous diseases, hepatitis A and B vaccines are taken by the adults.

Adult Immunization

Hepatitis B vaccine is taken when one possesses  more than one sexual partner, when one is in contact with a person with hepatitis B, sharing medical equipments or drugs, at a risk of getting in contact with the body fluid of people with hepatitis B and one is having HIV.  Hepatitis vaccine has 3 doses which may be given consecutively over 3 month period or over 6 month period .

Hepatitis A vaccine is necessary as it protects against hepatitis An infection, which occurs due to spread of infection from a person (carrier) through food and water. Normally the carrier is a food handler ie some who cooks, chops or pack food. Hepatitis A causes jaundice and severe liver infection and disease.

Hepatitis A vaccination is taken as two shots, with six- month gap.

Shingles (zoster) : should be taken to protect themselves for chickenpox and herpes infection.

Meningococcal vaccination : the vaccination is taken to prevent the infection of disease meningitis, meningococcal bacteria and influenza. In meningitis infection affects the lining of the brain and spinal cord.

Vaccination is a very simple way of getting protected and protecting your loved ones from many life threatening diseases. So, what are you waiting for ...

get vaccinated today!

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