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Online Fayth Clinic

What matters more than the health of our family?
Absolutely nothing!

Online Fayth Clinic

The latest National Health Survey has turned up with an alarming statistics. About half of our total population face a risk from some lifestyle diseases. Yes!! It includes our men, women as well as kids.
Families without members suffering from elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels or diabetes are rare these days. While these lifestyle diseases have infiltrated our households,most of us are unaware of its implications on our health and well being. Lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases and COPD, cancer, liver cirrhosis, stroke, hypertension, infertility issues and so on have seen an increasing incidence. Most of these diseases and obesity have the potential to lead to serious health complication, meaning a decreased longevity or severely affected life quality!

Online Fayth Clinic
Online Fayth Clinic

So what's the way out?

Online Fayth Clinic

Catch them in the preliminary stages and treat them before they get out of hand! The importance of diagnostic health check-up grows threefold in these cases.

Why do we need regular family health check-up?

Family is our greatest wealth. We cannot replace that feeling without anything else. So while we are in the race and battle to secure their future, it would do a world of good to spare a few, to foolproof their health as well.

The importance of preventive health checkups

Done with the ideology of 'prevention is better than cure', Preventive checkups have grown to be prerequisites for our health and welfare. Comprising of tests like haemogram to analyze all parameters of blood, lipid profile, cardiac and biochemical parameters, these tests help in identifying not just diseases or infections but the probability of acquiring one in long-term as well.

Why Fayth Clinic?

Diagnosis needs to precise, accurate and foolproof for it to not betray its intent. You get all that at Fayth Clinic. With the latest infrastructure facilities and skilled faculty, Fayth Clinic is ISO certified for its efficiency. They offer personalized health evaluation for all members of your family at a nominal rate of Rs. 11200. What more, the packages can now be bought online at their online store. Fayth clinic offers home visits for those unable to visit the clinic as well. Treatment technology has evolved as never before, but the effectiveness of them all focuses on early detection. So, why wait? Get your family health check-up package now at,

Online Fayth Clinic

Our centers

Online Fayth Clinic

Prabhadevi Office Address:
Shivshakti CHS, A-Wing, 1st Floor,
Next to Sahakari Bhandar,
S.K. Bole Road, Agar Bazar,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai:400025

Borivali Office Address:
Flat No. 104, 1st Floor, A-Wing "BORIVALI DWARKESH CO-OP. HSG. SOC. LTD.", Above Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri L. T. Road, Borivali (W). Mumbai 400092.

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